Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, July 26th

today we had classes. our classes were: fine arts, in that class we went through all of the excersises and practiced in groups for the showcase on Friday. our next class was communication. today we went through power points, and watched videos, of right and wrong speeches. after communication class, we went to lunch. today i ate at taco bell. i had a Frito burrito, and a rock star. the food. was good. after lunch, we went to guk 101. in that class, we had a speaker from nku. she told us about the college, and gave us information on the courses, and scholarships there. the information was very helpful. after guk 101, we got into our elective groups, mine is scratch. we were located in the library. on our way there, we stopped by starbucks, which i got 2 cups, and a double chocolate frappe.

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