Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, July 29th

today we get to go home!!! i started to pack last night. when i woke up it hit me that i was leaving, and i got sad. its crazy that 3 weeks have already gone by. i'm going to miss this experience. and all of the people that I've made relationships with.. I've met so many people, and friends. and i don't want to leave them. today is the showcase. so at 1:00 i will go back to my room, and get ready. and then my parents will be here to pick me up at the end of the day.

thursday, july 28th

today we had our last classes. in all of them, we just wrapped up on everything that we did, and finished. in communications we did our presentations. our how to's. i showed the class how to french braid hair. in acting we went over all the things that he tought us, and at the end, we raised our hands if we wanted to be in the showcase. i did not want to. in my elective which is scratch programming. we finished up our programs that we started, then we did our home work. today we got to eat lunch at the 90. i used all of my money. i ate at taco bell. tonight we went to the talent show. it was pretty lit. i had a lot of fun, and enjoyed myself. after the talent show, we did booika. it was awesome. i loved it. we danced and had so much fun.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

wednesday july 27th

today we had classes. our first class was photo literacy. we went over all of our pictures, and took notes. today was our last day for that class. our next class was edu 101. in that class, we got to go into the green room, and create our psas. we did our psas over bullying. we had fun. our last class was performing world music. in that class, we went over our notes, the people who are going to be in the showcase, and our instruments. i made a pan flute from south america. i passed my assignments. at lunch we went to Boman's den, and i had panda cuisine, and Starbucks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, July 26th

today we had classes. our classes were: fine arts, in that class we went through all of the excersises and practiced in groups for the showcase on Friday. our next class was communication. today we went through power points, and watched videos, of right and wrong speeches. after communication class, we went to lunch. today i ate at taco bell. i had a Frito burrito, and a rock star. the food. was good. after lunch, we went to guk 101. in that class, we had a speaker from nku. she told us about the college, and gave us information on the courses, and scholarships there. the information was very helpful. after guk 101, we got into our elective groups, mine is scratch. we were located in the library. on our way there, we stopped by starbucks, which i got 2 cups, and a double chocolate frappe.

Monday, July 25, 2016

overdue-July 26th
today we had classes. we had photographic literacy, and we took 5 photos of everything, which relates to perspective. i took pictures of the ground, the sky, buildings, and people. our other class was Edu 101. in there we uploaded our paper. then our other class was performing world music. in that class, we played our instruments, and took notes. then we practiced for the showcase.
later on, we seen dogs. the were so cute. they were black, and brown.

overdue- july 25

Sunday July 25
today breakfast was optional. i did not go, instead i slept in. there were optional activities, like church.. and lunch was at 11:00. after lunch we went swimming, for an hour and a half. after swimming, we did winter Olympics inside. it was fun. we did activities like tic tact toe, hula hoop, baseball, and corn hole. it was a competition. my team started out with 30 points, which is the lowest score.

overdue- july 23rd

Saturday July 23rd.
today we had a choice to go to breakfast. i chose not to go. i slept in, instead. there was optional activities planned all day, like laundry, farmers market,and the movies. i went to the movies. we seen zootopia. it was a good movie. i slept through half of it.. but everyone else said it was good.
later on, we had a party. it was lit. i had such a good time. they played good songs, and i danced.and they announced my birthday, and gave me a card, a flower, and cake. it was so good.


Friday July 22nd,
today is my birthday. I am 18 years old. today i got to go to the mall. i went to Victoria secret, pink, Vera Bradley, Finnish line, and many others. i enjoyed myself, and had so much fun with my friends, Vanessa, Nayivi, Alayna, Mary, and Jennifer. we all went and picked out an outfit, from a store, then went to the changing room, and tried it on to see what it looked like.
later on in the day, we got to go to Malibu jacks, where i played laser tag, mini golf, arcade games, and go carts. everyone sang happy birthday to me. i felt special.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday, July 21st, 
today we had school. and our classes were fine arts, where we did exercises and separated into groups of two. one group went outside, and one group stayed inside. the group that stayed inside got to go to sleep, and the ones that went outside got to get pumped up, and dance. once one of the groups came in, we jumped up and down, and yelled "pep"! to interrupt the group that was sleeping. our next class was communication. in that class we had to pick a slip from a cup, and go up in front of the class, and talk about whatever topic we picked. today we got to go eat at the 90. i ate at taco bell. in our electve we made bracelets. mine were blue and gold

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

wednesday july 20th.
today we had school. my first class was photographic literacy, where i took notes the whole class, and at the end i took pictures of the alphabet. my next class was edu 1. in that class we played a game called agree and disagree, where if we agreed to what she said, we went to one side of the room. and if we disagreed, then we went to the other side of the room. after that, we did our assignment ouiwrite, gthe next class that i had was performing world music. in that class we played the drums, and took some notes. we ate lunch at bowmans den. i had starbucks, and subway. at 5:15 21 of us are going bowling.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday the 19th.
today we had classes. we went to art of acting, where we had to mirror our partner, and we got to lay on the ground, and relax. our other classes that we had were composition and communication, where we learned how to make our speeches more professional.what to say, and how to say it. another class was edu level 1. where we got onto the computer and made our resume and cover letters. and my elective was Chinese language and culture. it was my favorite class of the day. i enjoy it a lot. we learned how to say certain things in Chinese, and we had to sing a song in Chinese. in front of the whole class. its was so funny. then at the end of class we got to make a lantern. my colors were yellow and blue.
Monday the 18th. overdue.
today we went to school, and our classes were performing world music, library, and photographic literacy. today we got to eat lunch at bomans den, and i ate at subway, and star-bucks. later tonight, we went to a baseball game. legends vs. tutors. it was my first baseball game. i had a lot of fun. the food was really good. we had hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese. during the game i got a ball from a baseball player. and he signed it for me.
Sunday the 17th. update for overdue.
today is the weekend, which is Sunday. so no classes today! i got to sleep in until 11:00. when i woke up, we headed straight to lunch. i ate pizza. and ice cream. after lunch, we went to our dorms, and put on our bathing suits to get ready to go swimming. after we got ready everyone met downstairs, where we all went to the pool. we went swimming until 2:00. when we first got there we all had to do test swims, to see if everyone could swim. i played basket ball in the pool, and jumped in and out.
after we got done swimming, we had an event called summer Olympics. that was so much fun. we got to play games like extreme Frisbee, beach toss, hula hoops and 3 point basket ball shots.

Saturday the 16th. update for overdue.
today was a fun day. it was the weekend, so we got to do a project called fusion. i got placed in the project called steam. it is were we got to go to a high school, and paint the lockers, and walls. the theme for the lockers was books. titles and the authors name. and the themes for the wall was to put a book with a rose growing out of it, and it says nurture your knowledge. i didn't take part i n the lockers, but instead i took part in painting the walls. i enjoyed it. i had a lot of fun while doing it. everyone made it a blast. for lunch, we ate fire house suds, and i had white and ham.

Thursday the 14th, completing overdue.
today is our 2nd day of school, our classes were communications, and art of acting. my favorite class was art of acting because we got up, and done productive stuff. we had very little free time today. our class schedules are so busy. even when classes are over, we have to go to the library after it, to Finnish our homework. and by the time we get back to our dorms, we only have an hour of free time. in which we did trivia night. and others went outside to play volley ball and baseball.

Friday July 15th, catching up.

today we went to the bolivar arts showcase. and the gallery hop. what i liked most from the gallery hop was the food. every show case that i went to had good snacks laying out for everyone to eat. i also enjoyed the art because  it was very interesting to me. a lot of the arts had a lot of detail, and complimented other arts as well. my favorite park was looking around, and seeing different things.
at the show case we got to do a Chinese class, and make scrolls. then we took a regular class. my favorite thing about the show case is how we got to go into the black room, and take pictures of cool things that we liked, or that we were interested in.