Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sunday the 17th. update for overdue.
today is the weekend, which is Sunday. so no classes today! i got to sleep in until 11:00. when i woke up, we headed straight to lunch. i ate pizza. and ice cream. after lunch, we went to our dorms, and put on our bathing suits to get ready to go swimming. after we got ready everyone met downstairs, where we all went to the pool. we went swimming until 2:00. when we first got there we all had to do test swims, to see if everyone could swim. i played basket ball in the pool, and jumped in and out.
after we got done swimming, we had an event called summer Olympics. that was so much fun. we got to play games like extreme Frisbee, beach toss, hula hoops and 3 point basket ball shots.

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