Friday, July 29, 2016

thursday, july 28th

today we had our last classes. in all of them, we just wrapped up on everything that we did, and finished. in communications we did our presentations. our how to's. i showed the class how to french braid hair. in acting we went over all the things that he tought us, and at the end, we raised our hands if we wanted to be in the showcase. i did not want to. in my elective which is scratch programming. we finished up our programs that we started, then we did our home work. today we got to eat lunch at the 90. i used all of my money. i ate at taco bell. tonight we went to the talent show. it was pretty lit. i had a lot of fun, and enjoyed myself. after the talent show, we did booika. it was awesome. i loved it. we danced and had so much fun.

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